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PET amber glass bottle 100/500/1000ml

  • PET amber glass bottle 100/500 / 1000ml

    Amber glass bottles are light-retardant, have a UV protection and thus prevent the unwanted maturation / aging of bases and liquids. For bases and liquids, too much light and oxygen, as well as heat can accelerate the decomposition of nicotine and flavors.

    Prevent with the right storage!

    Material: PET, food safe
    Color: brown, light-inhibiting
    Closure: child safety lock
    Closure color: white with orginality ring

    For filling and storing liquids, bases or flavors.
    After use, please empty the recycling bin, as the material is recyclable.

    Always store liquids, bases and flavors protected from light and cool and always store in a cool place!

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