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Warnings on nicotine products

Offer and sale only to persons of legal age!

The offered Nikbase.uk nicotine bases are not intended for consumption! Use the Nikbase.uk nicotine bases exclusively as intended! The nicotine bases are intended solely for mixing nicotine bases and e-liquids. A direct consumption is not recommended due to the high nicotine strength. Do not mix Nikbase.uk nicotine bases with other liquids that are not suitable. Nikbase.uk Nicotine bases must not come into contact with food. Food in contact with this product may no longer be consumed. After eye contact, thoroughly rinse the affected eye with water and seek out an ophthalmologist. After skin contact wash off thoroughly with soap.


Keep the Nikbase.uk nicotine bases in a place that is inaccessible to children, infants and pets. Nicotine bases always locked, dark and cool store!


Nicotine is a strong poison and makes you addicted quickly! It is harmful to the heart, blood pressure and coronary vessels among other things. Nikbase.uk nicotine bases are not suitable for:

1. the consumption
2. Young people under 18 years
3. Pregnant and lactating women
4. Persons with cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, in which case a doctor should be consulted before consumption.
5. People who are sensitive or allergic to nicotine or other ingredients.
6. The use, use and consumption of nikbase.uk 10ml 20mg / nicotine shots done without exception at your own risk!

customer information

Since England no longer belongs to the EU after Brexit and now also the TPD2 is no longer valid there, we can offer you nicotine bases. Shipping to Germany is free.Shipping to Switzerland and Austria only costs € 9.95. It is their own responsibility whether they order the products we offer and introduce them to their country! There are also no additional duties, taxes or other additional costs. You only pay the specified price and receive your ordered goods within 5 working days completely uncompiled via DHL Busniss package. The shipping is free. The minimum order value is 20 €

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